SpendSys is an enterprise tool to plan, transact and manage your organizational spends for goods, services as well as fixed assets. SpendSys streamlines all business process from sourcing to settlement. With an easy to navigate UI it packs feature-rich interfaces and a powerful reporting framework to monitor, control and analyze all your organizational spends.

Spend Governance: The Industry Challenge

While most organizations monitor and control spends on a project level, spend analysis and control remains a quarterly exercise. Better spend governance bridges the gap between procurement and finance. It provides cross-organizational visibility and control on all types of organizational spends like purchase, fixed assets, procurement and vendor management and inventory control. Spend governance systems help multiple stakeholders:

  • CXOs: Insight into spend data for driving strategic decision making
  • Business Managers: Drill down spend across business units and regions for establishing control policies, planning/allocating budgetary spend and streamlining purchase
  • Finance Dept Users: Transparently track vendors, procurement status, approval status, inventory and project spends
How Does SpendSys Help My Business?

SpendSys brings bottom line growth to your business by increasing spend efficiency. With SpendSys you can define, implement and analyze your spends to revolutionize the way you do business.

  • Budget and Plan- Customize budgetary policies, define budget allocations at multiple levels (across geographies, categories, departments), configure budgetary cycles and manage budgetary requisitions.
  • Define Workflows - Define workflows and authorizations dynamically for procurement. Configure purchase order approval and release processes and generate payment plans.
  • Be Finacle/Finance ready - The application can quickly integrate with your Finacle or with your existing finance application, working seamlessly across finance and procurement teams.
  • Manage Fixed Assets- Categorize and configure asset type, track and post asset depreciation to accounting systems, monitor current assets, manage asset transfer, disposal and buybacks
  • Manage Procurement- Track procurement status, purchase history across department/branches/geographies, document logs and alert management. Consolidate purchases across departments and geographies.
  • Manage Vendors- Analyze and compare vendor products and service offerings. Contract management based on vendor services, document management and audit controls
  • Manage Compliance -Manage tax consolidation and alerts, audit trails for payment processes.
  • Reporting and Analytics - Dynamic report generation with textual and graphic support. Create cubes based parameters- assets/purchase orders/goods receipts/financials. Drag and drop pivot tables, export data in desired formats, customize and create role-based dashboards.
  • Strategic Spending- SpendSys tracks supplier and vendor performance across departments and locations to achieve economies of scale through rationalized planning and procurement.
Key Technical Features

SpendSys brings you the best in class technology and much more. It gives you:

  • Ease of implementation -SpendSys is available in Cloud and Hybrid versions. It is intended to help you hit the ground running to help your business gain value faster.
  • Vendor Independent - Built on open source platform making SpendSys easy to install and vendor independent
  • Rich Interfaces with Existing Systems- SpendSys can co-exist and interface easily with other ERP/CRM/Sharepoint based business applications
  • Best in class usability- SpendSys offers superior interoperability and portability across devices and platforms
  • Modular Architecture- Upgrade easily without affecting core functionalities
  • Interoperability - Interoperable across platforms as well as devices -can run on your PC as well as mobile phones!
To Know More

Can you put SpendSys to work to streamline better govern spends in your organization? Schedule a call now and let's get talking.

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