Companies worldwide are continuously seeking ways to serve their customers more effectively. With over 44% of buyers stating that they would prefer to have video or text based customer service according to a Forbes Survey, companies are realizing that these satisfied customers become repeat customers. However, customer service as a discipline is going through major cost-based and manpower- led challenges. Creating an effective customer service framework is top priority for a number of leading companies. Delighting customers with exceptional service and support so that they become long-term customers is the real challenge. Traditional customer service channels such as the telephone and email remain important. However, social media and video customer service are emerging channels that companies simply cannot ignore.

What are Video-based solutions?

Video and Text based customer service operates with a single click on the website, with no downloads or additional hardware requirements. Customers know exactly know when they will be served and can interact realtime with Customer Service Executives, being using Text or Video. These solutions are cross-browser compatible with minimal bandwidth requirements. What's more customers can instantly rate the support.

For your customer support staff, the solution offers a single click download of customer information on to the agent console. There is the added functionality of inviting other support personnel for additional help if required. Executives can “pause” the video or audio during a call. They can annotate a video call make it more meaningful for future reference, add searchable notes to the call and even share their screen or documents.

The solution provides capability to run the Digital Signage on the Video Solution window and the marketing team can leverage the direct pushed selling and pulled selling.

Also, the solution comes with a comprehensive Co-Browsing feature enabling customer service more simplified and ease.

Business Benefits

Real-time one-to-one personal customer assistance provides deeper and personal customer experience, lowers your company’s support cost, provides mobility to your customers, results in faster problem resolution and enhances customer engagement.

Chimera's video based solutions for customer service extends industry-leading high- definition quality video collaboration to anyone with a browser and web-camera, enhancing customer service - not just with a friendly face, but also adding the visual element in cases of customer support. The benefits include

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce customer service costs
  • Reduce response times
  • Increase customer retention
  • Expand coverage of experts and specialists
  • Connect visually with your customer anytime, from anywhere.
Application Areas
  • Banking: Revolutionizing the bank branch with secure video based interaction
  • Travel & Tourism: Superior video based customer interactions for travel and tourism customer
  • Hospitality: Extend the brand of hospitality from the hotel to the website
  • Matrimony: A truer picture of companionship with video interactions to enable your decision
  • Education: Distance learning made easier with video interactions between teachers and students
  • e-Commerce: Remove the impersonal nature of eCommerce with the human element
  • Healthcare: Telemedicine solutions to enable doctors to treat patients remotely
  • Recruitment: Pre-screen candidates on video to hire the right talent for the organization
Client Testimonials

Our entire experience with Chimera has been very positive and we are privileged to work with such an outstanding group of professionals

John Toman, Partner,

Acelo Solutions Inc.

We have been engaged with Chimera since 2008 and overall we have had a great customer experience! The support, flexibility and speed of response from team were exceptional.

Joanie Olivier, Executive Partner,

Iconitel Consulting Services Inc.

The professional relationship with Chimera has been beyond our expectations. I would like to congratulate you on your levels of customer service, as your support team are always quick to respond, and expertise.

Reinaldo. A. carvalho, CTO,

Phoenix Kiosk

Their unconventional way of thinking has helped Orange solve several practical issues in the most efficient ways

Tom Clarke, Head of Connectivity Management Solutions,

Orange Business Service