WebRTC based application development services

Real time video communication is based on solution that runs within standard browsers have been a dream for many. With the advent of WebRTC this is becoming a reality. There are many unique ways that the world is looking to put this to use with some disrupting the status quo maintained by giants in this industry.

Web video conferencing solutions

Web video conferencing solutions have their own inherent issues. We at chimera understand this through a series of solutions that we have developed in the past. Be it a peer to peer video conferencing or a streaming solution our expertise to provide appropriate solutions to our customer have surpassed their expectations. If you already have a web video conferencing solution and want to manage it or want to build one afresh our expertise in it could help you to a significant extent.

Mobile video solutioning

Mobile video solutions are the future. Users want to communicate with their friends and enterprises in a similar way. Corporates are looking at putting video on their customers handheld to interact more closely and in realtime. Mobiles dominated by different vendors would quickly become a problem to deal with. Our understanding of the protocols, bandwidths, codecs and file formats help you build the right solutions for your needs.

Flash and Wowza server based Video streaming solutions

Streaming media solutions are great for live broadcasts, Video on Demand and even live video chats/conferences. Our understanding of Flash Media server and Wowza media server will provide you as an enterprise and ISV with the expertise that you require. Be it a complete solution around these streaming media servers or a need to manage and upgrade an existing solution, or to develop components for them, we have the right expertise and experience.

Video editing and conversion software development

Managing video files, annotating, building meta data for video files, converting them from one format to another or building video editors on the web could all be tricky and a job of an expert. Our understanding of underlying technology, tools and software libraries provide you with the necessary tool kit to develop such solutions quickly.

Video CMS solutions

Employees are getting used to information disseminated in the youtube format. Be it user manuals, corporate communications or Video enabled IT help desk video is becoming ubiquitous inside an enterprise. Our capabilities will ensure that you select the right technologies, tools and implementation strategies. Our services around the above solutions have resulted in a variety of engagements with our customers. Some of the solutions that we have built could be read from our case studies section.

case studies
Video Prescreening

The solution is to have the candidates answer to certain

Web based Peer to Peer Video Conferencing

The solution is to have the candidates and panelists

Video Lounge Private Video Conferencing

A solution based on streaming servers recording

Video Customer Support tool

An Omni channel support solution that integrated text

Video Customer support on Android & iOS

The bank wanted an innovative and quick access

Private Celebrity Video Messaging

The challenge was to visualize and create it on a

Remote consultation kiosk

A special purpose booth with all the necessary

Client Testimonials

Our entire experience with Chimera has been very positive and we are privileged to work with such an outstanding group of professionals

John Toman, Partner,

Acelo Solutions Inc.

Their unconventional way of thinking has helped Orange solve several practical issues in the most efficient ways

Tom Clarke, Head of Connectivity Management Solutions,

Orange Business Service

The professional relationship with Chimera has been beyond our expectations. I would like to congratulate you on your levels of customer service, as your support team are always quick to respond, and expertise.

Reinaldo. A. carvalho, CTO,

Phoenix Kiosk

We have been engaged with Chimera since 2008 and overall we have had a great customer experience! The support, flexibility and speed of response from team were exceptional.

Joanie Olivier, Executive Partner,

Iconitel Consulting Services Inc.