Self Services KIOSK Development

Chimera provides end to end solutions for self service kiosks that include kiosk hardware, kiosk custom software and turnkey solutions that are tailored to the specific requirement of our customers. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in building offshore custom software for kiosks helps us to deliver on-time, every time. of experience in developing custom kiosk based solutions. Be it a hardware centric kiosk solution like interfacing with serial ports and electronic devices, or a transaction kiosk acting as a storefront, we have built solutions that have helped clients do business better.

Rich user interfaces

Self service interfaces need an attractive and intuitive user experience exand our kiosk software's provides exactly this. Built over a layer of Flash and Silverlight, the solutioninteracts with a middleware application hosting the business logic. Attractive screen savers, multi monitor solutions with overhead advertising, user friendly navigations are some of the key features of all of our solutions.

Information kiosk, Transaction kiosk, Directory kiosks,
 Video Kiosks, Digital dispensers

Our technology expertise and the project management practices allow us to provide a variety of custom kiosk solutions to our customers. Our solutions encompass standalone modules to highly integrated software solutions that are tightly coupled with the existing backend systems. As a part of our enterprise architecture that we propose to many of our customers, it has become customary for us to provide an interface neutral application. Our skills in architecting and extending applications allow us to provide flexible kiosk software solutions. Some of our recent works include video chats, streaming video on a kiosk etc.

Backward integration to existing software systems

Transactional kiosks needs to be integrated into existing software backed systems. Most solutions use web services for integration. Integration includes hooking up directly to the existing databases or implementing workflow solutions. Integration scenarios also include midnight routines to bulk transfer information across systems.

Expertise in interfacing with multiple peripheral devices

In most instances, kiosks are not just the software, but involves a solution that has to work with several peripheral devices. Bluetooth adapters, multi serial communications with relays, universal port I/Os, credit card readers, special purpose card printers and finger print scanners are some of the devices that our solutions can talk to.

Kiosk Remote Monitoring

Multiple installations of kiosks need remote monitoring that checks on system health - Statistics on the CPU usage, Memory usage, as well as the kiosk peripherals. Chimera offers customized or ready-to-deploy packages to make this happen.

Outsource product development for the self service industry

If you have a product idea and would want to implement it on a kiosk or a touch sensitive interface our product development team could assist you. If you would want to have an end to end solution including the kiosk software and the hardware, our relationships with leading hardware vendors could help you find the right match.

case studies
Reception kiosk / Help Desk

To develop an interactive kiosk application that would enable

Chamber of commerce kiosk

The requirement was for the Chamber of Commerce Hospitality

Shop Floor Kiosk

To develop a kiosk software that would be used to capture

Store Front Kiosk

The need was to enthuse customers to purchase sports

Remote Patient Consultation Kiosk

Our customer is a technology based medical processing

Shuttle Booking System

The customer is a leading shuttle service operator in the

Client Testimonials

Our entire experience with Chimera has been very positive and we are privileged to work with such an outstanding group of professionals

John Toman, Partner,

Acelo Solutions Inc.

We have been engaged with Chimera since 2008 and overall we have had a great customer experience! The support, flexibility and speed of response from team were exceptional.

Joanie Olivier, Executive Partner,

Iconitel Consulting Services Inc.

Their unconventional way of thinking has helped Orange solve several practical issues in the most efficient ways

Tom Clarke, Head of Connectivity Management Solutions,

Orange Business Service

The professional relationship with Chimera has been beyond our expectations. I would like to congratulate you on your levels of customer service, as your support team are always quick to respond, and expertise.

Reinaldo. A. carvalho, CTO,

Phoenix Kiosk