Cultivating a Cross-Skilled Offshore Powerhouse

Cultivating a Cross-Skilled Offshore Powerhouse



A Hong Kong-based startup was searching for an offshore partner to provide a team that could help with various facets of their existing but nascent product providing real estate contract solutions for both landlords and tenants.




Chimera brought to the startup extensive value and expertise required for their specific needs. To enumerate, first, chimera not only provided a high-performance team, but the competencies necessary to build the product in a more structured and methodical manner. Second, Chimera is inherently an organization with a startup-minded culture due to the fact of being in partnership with multiple startups. This culture sees our people being adept at accepting different responsibilities, being skilful while working with distinct roles at various time periods through the development of the product and ensuring that all contingencies are attended to within project deadlines.


Our Strategy:


Chimera drew a blueprint to provide in a single forum a framework to manage all relationships for the consumers with a capability of capturing pertinent data, including digitized legal interests, negotiations, transactions, and rental terms to foster a stress-free navigation of contract complexities and promote a positive leasing experience.


Our Solution:


Our practise of sustained and consistent cross-skilling and upskilling of various team members substantially strengthens not only the project but also the individuals involved in the team. This contributes to career growth of the latter, provides new opportunities for their skill sets, while pertinently mitigating the risk of over-dependency on specific people as there are always trained personnel waiting in the wings if the need so arises. This was truly exhibited in this engagement. Someone proficient at Elixir, a language on which this project’s application is built and is not common left and chimeras proactive training the existing team came in handy to take up the new responsibility.


Business Outcome:


Chimera practice management did its job of active interventions when new testing methodologies were introduced. Our ongoing monitoring and assistance helped the team scale up 2x time faster for this new skill.


Thereby, Chimera stands uniquely primed for partnerships with entities that require just the adequate amount of ballast for their sails to achieve their vision. Needs of a startup when offshoring is entirely different – most of the time unstated - from a large and organized organization. Understanding this nuance and working as partners was once again established here.


Tech Stack:


ReactJS, PostgreSQL, Elixir



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