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Our client is in the business of contract management and negotiation for FORTUNE enterprise. The client was using home developed, contract implementation, and cost control application that allows tracking of users, usage, contract values, renewals, and more. The tool is a data storage application, and the highlight of the tool is the reports module with a capability for generating reports based on Vendor, User, Department, Category, and Country. Chimera was involved through the initial development and delivery and continues to maintain and support the constant enhancement requirements.


Our Strategy

After due diligence of the application and the business requirements with the client, based on that, we came up with the modules and timeline. We involved with the client through initial development and delivery and monitored closely to ensure timely deliverance.



Our Solution

Chimera analyzed the application and came up with solutions focused on improving the performance of the application. The task began with an overhaul of the app with a refreshed, user-centric look. The team took on the responsibilities of maintaining, managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting the application for six months. Over 300 issues were successfully resolved in the period, with varying degrees of complexity, from simple fixes to complex upload issues, while improving overall system performance.


Business Outcome:

  • "Accurate information delivered based on the different categories like department, region, user and many more"
  • "Flexibility and sensitivity to client’s delivery and development paradigms"
  • "The time taken to generate the report has been reduced greatly"

    Tech Stack:

     .NET 4.0, SQL server 2008


    Third-party tool:

     Component Art

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