Multicurrency Crypto Wallet

Multicurrency Crypto Wallet


Being one of the top start-ups in Singapore, our client is on the mission of reaping the latest financial and technological tools to create multiple platforms that can benefit companies and entrepreneurs to grow their revenue and international reach.



A multi-cryptocurrency wallet has a pivotal role to play in crypto trading. Our client approached us to build a crypto wallet that allows sending, receiving, and storing over certain types of cryptocurrencies. The main goal was centred on the idea of developing a crypto wallet that will satisfy the most experienced as well as amateurs. The challenge was also to introduce the customer's currency as well. The combination of financial transfers and virtual wallet had to be accessible to users in selected countries within one application.


Our Solution:

The team came up with a crypto wallet based on Ethereum technology that supports four cryptocurrencies. This application was built with features like sending, receiving, buying, plus, used for third party transactions. The client’s cryptocurrency can be traded with other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH. The platform also ensures that modern security standards are taken care of.


Business Outcome:

  • The customised crypto wallet provides a secure infrastructure to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies
  • The platform enabled the users to no longer need to go through the hassle of converting their currency through BTC, ETH or USD to access other cryptocurrencies

Tech Stack:

 Ethereum Blockchain, Node.js, React JS, MongoDB, My SQL, AWS Cloud, Netlify