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Manage your field force from anywhere by using a mobile based field force tracking system and increase productivity and sales.

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Chimera has extensive experience creating field force apps, whether for customer support, field sales team, or regular employees on travel. Our expertise in both technology and domain allows us to seamlessly integrate modern technologies with your existing enterprise systems, unlocking the true value of your legacy systems and building a strong foundation for the future.


Real Time Location Status


With an increasingly mobile workforce, organizations today are challenged to track workforce productivity. Organizations are facing issues like fraudulent reporting, absenteeism, and no track record of working hours. Whether you are in Retail, Staffing, F&B or others, we can solve these issues by building an all-encompassing field force tracking mobile app that shares real time location along with status updates such as client meetings, attendance, targets, etc.


Non-Intrusive Apps 


As per industry research, failure rate of field force apps is as high as 60%, primarily due to low adoption. At Chimera, we have implemented several field force tracking solutions over the years and understand how to increase adoption. Our apps have easy and intuitive user interface, and integrate seamlessly with your existing enterprise solutions such as Sharepoint, increasing adoption manifold. We ensure that the app business rules are in sync with the sales forces’ already existing activities, thus making it frictionless and non-intrusive.

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