Disrupting traditional financial services industry with technology

Companies experimenting with new notions at the intersection of finance and tech are producing some remarkable new products and solutions in FinTech industry. These new ideas are blurring the very definition of a player in the financial services sector.

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Chimera's proven product development expertise in payments, digital wallets, lending and crowd sourcing both as outsourced product development partner and providing team extensions help convert your ideas and prototypes into reality faster and efficiently.


School Payments


Chimera has a long history of building, sustaining and supporting school payment solutions, built for both mobile and web. We have been instrumental in migrating legacy systems to modern architectures and consolidating an eco-system of software components used by schools for payments.

We are offshore product development partner for some of the leading school payment solution providers in the US that manage more than 8000 schools, 6 million students and millions of dollars of transactions per month. We have built PCI compliant solutions both for web and mobile apps integrating with some of the leading payment processors in the US.


Digital Wallets


Digital wallets are a true disrupter in the FinTech industry, allowing a much larger audience to be an active participant in the financial system.

Chimera has built, implemented and maintained several digital wallet products. We have executed highly complex projects providing scale and ensuring security for our clients. We are a preferred product development partner of customers from both US and Singapore, the world’s best known FinTech hubs.


Crypto Enablement


Cryptocurrency is latest buzzword in the Fintech industry. It is a medium of exchange, such as the US dollar, but is digital and uses encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds. Blockchain is the founding technology that enables cryptocurrency and can be used in several other industries as well. It has triggered a widespread digital transformation for cryptocurrency development.

Chimera has a way to give solutions for companies which can be implemented into mass scale blockchain-powered business network for the end-users. We help businesses to create new and improved business models with smarter and more secure applications built on top of blockchain technology. Our experts in blockchain provide their proficiency to construct incorruptible digital economic transactions that can be programmed to your needs. From functional requirements, to designing and development of solutions, we can take care of your implementation from start to finish.

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