HR Tech

HR Technology is an umbrella term used for software related to employee payroll, talent acquisition and management, workforce analytics, performance management, and benefits administration.

HR Tech ISVs today are now moving from just “automating” HR to helping organizations be more productive by embracing employee-first thinking and data-driven decisions. With Chimera's strong technology and domain experience, we helped several HR Tech ISVs embrace digital transformation.

Featured Solutions

Burnout, focus, and employee engagement are all issues, and we are now dealing with email, messaging from many different systems, and a plethora of communication tools that overwhelm most of us. Can we build HR software that really improves productivity and helps teams work better together?


Video enablement 


Let’s talk about our expertise in integrating video to applications to create engaging pre screening and conferencing solutions. We have created a video enabled platform for organisations to filter candidates using a video enabled questionnaire that can be integrated into an ATS.


CV automation 


We have helped ISVs develop light-weight ATS systems that automates the entire CV parsing to third party providers to extract meaningful information from the resume, allowing companies to automate the entire incoming CV process.


Offshore Product sustenance services


Talk about managing and scaling technical teams in co development and outsourced model here.

Key Case Studies

Take a look at our project, understand how our customer are benefiting and why we keep the customer at the center of our work

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