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In an ongoing healthcare technology revolution, we have to go beyond the conventional approach, and Chimera is here to take on the health sector for radical and structural reform.

We're collaborating with healthcare leaders to enable a new take on healthcare and technology. Reap the benefits from us to guide you to turn data into meaningful insight, improve automation and efficiency with innovative new products and services, to modernize technology and to deliver successful outcomes.

Featured Solutions

Support healthcare technology and users with reliable remote monitoring and smart vitals monitoring.


Remote Patient Consultations


Chimera provides personalized online medical assessment technology solutions to clients through secure and effective approaches so that the patients who are unable to visit the hospital can have remote consultations.

We have created platforms that include several features like a rich, user-friendly interface, with third parties medical devices and payment platforms integrated, built-in video conferencing feature that helps in providing a face-to-face presence for patient and the doctor, and others.

We have created remote solutions for patient and doctor to take on vital information like weights, blood pressure with customized booths.

There are many benefits for remote patient consultations, as it is a one-time investment that reduces budget, less waiting time for patients, reduces human errors and more.

The technologies for Remote Patient Monitoring are continuously evolving, thereby ensuring clients keeping pace with new standards, device requirements, caregiver and patient needs.


Smart Vitals Monitoring Solutions


Consistent vital sign monitoring is crucial for early detection of clinical deterioration of patients. Chimera is providing solutions to clients where we create applications that can accurately monitor patient's vitals, such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and more.

The notification is sent through any smart systems like Bluetooth, by automating vital signs monitoring this will save time for the doctors as there will be no need to perform manual blood pressure, temperature and heart rate measurements anymore. The time can be spent on patient care.

With real-time monitoring for doctors, the patient deterioration can be stopped and allows intervention before the condition worsens, thereby improving patient outcomes, shortening hospital stays and lowering treatment costs.

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