Uncover Insights And Drive Smarter Business Decisions

Data is an asset you already own, and our Data Analytics services allow you to harness this data to generate actionable business insights. We provide Business Intelligence and Data Visualization services under one umbrella, so you can quickly deploy sophisticated and unified analytical applications at scale to meet the demands of every business user.



Data Visualization

We make powerful analytics available to anyone, by compiling data from various applications within the organization and creating intuitive, interactive dashboards.

We use modern tools like QlikView, Spotfire and others to remove the clutter and present information that is instinctive, allowing you to easily navigate through reports and visualizations providing faster access to key actions. With sophisticated charts, visual filters, intuitive workflows, any business user, irrespective of their technical skills can generate insights and take business decisions faster.


Business Intelligence

At Chimera, we believe that effective intelligence starts with trusted data. Our Business Intelligence practice starts by building a solid data governance model. We help create a strong data framework, from building the right infrastructure to building optimal processes.

We create robust reporting platforms on top of this data, building for mobile first. Analytics then help you do better, from predicting frauds, to gaining customer insights, to making better business deals. We help you at every step along the way.

why choose chimera?

Our proven outsourced product development process, tech talent and domain expertise helps bring your vision into reality


Advanced Technologies

We have years of expertise in advanced technologies, allowing you to get the best instead of depending on a platform specific partner.


Domain Expertise

We have deep expertise in several business domains, from retail, payments, HRTech to others, allowing us to combine technical expertise with business domain expertise to deliver huge business benefits.


Fast Deployment Process

We pair agile methodology with DevOps to deliver projects on time.


Ongoing Expert Assistance

Each project is managed by an expert coordinator who ensures there is continuity even during support and maintenance.

Case Studies

Take a look at our project, understand how our customer are benefiting and why we keep the customer at the center of our work


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