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Issue Apr-2021

20 years of Chimera Technologies

2021 got us to 20 years of Chimera Technologies (2001 - 2021)


Journey of 20 Years
With immense pleasure we would like to personally thank you as we celebrated the completion of 20 years of our journey with Chimera.

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Annual Day Celebrations

Two Decades and still going strong!! We celebrated Annual Celebrations of 2020 on 25th and 26th March 2021, an excited array of events such as Time Warps, Special Chimera Talks, Milestone Awards, Prizes for the Chimera Premier League and Champion of Chimera Award had been organized that reflects our strength.

Annual Day Celebrations

We were able to learn more about each other achievements in the year 2020 by Time Warps. Each team spoke about their projects, achievements and the road map for the upcoming days.
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Champion of Chimera 2020

Another addition to the Champion of Chimera wall.. We pleased to announce the prestigious Champion of Chimera 2020-21 Winner is Victor Thankam.

Champion of Chimera

The Award given to Victor on Annual Day Celebrations. Congratulations Victor for winning the Champion of Chimera award for your exemplary performance in 2020-21. 12th February 2021 is decided for the final presentation of Champions of Chimera. Nominators joined the teams meeting for the presentation along with the shortlisted nominees.
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Extra Mile Awards and More

Smart and creative thinkers, who perceive things in their viewpoint and take an extra mile to delight our customers. Congratulations to Adal, Harshitha and Pooja for Achieving Extra Mile Award for October 2020 -December 2020.

Fresher's Drive: We planned for Chimera fresher’s drive on February 22nd & 23rd, 2021 on Trained Fresher's and completed. We had a phenomenal participation from fresher’s.

Sports & Games: We are excited to announce that we conducted Chimera Premier League last week as part of Annual Celebrations. Here are a few sports and games for CPL Cricket, Badminton, Chess and Carrom.

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Multicurrency Crypto Wallet

Multicurrency Crypto Wallet

Being one of the top start-ups in Singapore, our client is on the mission of reaping the latest financial and technological tools to create multiple platforms that can benefit companies and entrepreneurs to grow their revenue and international reach.

A multi-cryptocurrency wallet has a pivotal role to play in crypto trading. Our client approached us to build a crypto wallet that allows sending, receiving, and storing over certain types of cryptocurrencies. The main goal was centred on the idea of developing a crypto wallet that will satisfy the most experienced as well as amateurs's requirements.  
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