Skill Evaluation for NLT

Skill Evaluation for NLT



Our client is an Edu-skills program, and they are comprised of the three-step system includes initial assessment, linked learning lessons, and post-assessment. The program evaluates skill levels in reading-language arts and mathematics and links to the Edu-Skills system of teachings.



The client requirement was to manifest a Learning Management System wherein the student will be able to learn his course online, submit the necessary coursework, complete tests and finally get a rating on how they have performed. The trainer through this system assesses the capability of the student in respective subjects.


Our Strategy

The method was to build a web-solution in a well-organized plan that helps to evaluate questions and answers, and upload assignments given to the students and the trainer provides the rating through his system on the respective subjects.


Our Solution

A web solution was developed based on the Edustrands format of assessment. The solution consisted of around 25,000 questions and 3000 pdf formats. The questions were all flash-based with a great deal of interactivity and a rich user interface. These solutions are incorporated with classroom recording solutions, WBT’s, and evaluation systems. The distinctive characteristic of these LMS’s is that the tutorial follows the SCROM standards.


Business Outcome:

Since implementing the LMS was very successful, the impact was

  • "The functionality allows us to interact with the course material like add tests, submit assignments, ask questions, and review the coursework by teachers, amongst others. "
  • "User interface allowed teachers to give ratings, scheduling, and managing"

    Tech Stack:

     Net, SQL Server, Flash, ActionScript, SCROM compliance modules



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