Terminal Management System

Terminal Management System



Our client's company has a history of 35 years of expertise in financial institutions, governments, and enterprises that creates a smart, secure, and seamless customer experience.



The main goal was to restructure the system to be scalable and, at the same time, easy to use plus run a multi-user terminal with automated inventory controls that were reliable and robust.


Additionally, there were several predicaments like load testing, setting up high availability, which was enforced later into the project in addition to certified ISO messaging that lead to incorrect estimation of the effort and delay in commencing the project.


Our Strategy:

A well-organized plan was drawn up with the assistance of the client's workshop and frequent conferences to get the right result for these challenges. The web-application architecture was drawn out and developed with a verification process for sensitive information.


Our Solution:

Chimera designed the entire Terminal Management System (TMS) of the organization, which in turn eased the integrated monitoring.


Terminal command executions

We developed the functionalities using commands to any terminals from a centralized location and integrating it with the SDK; this terminal that would be responsible for executing the proper orders and for which the SDK would return the outcomes.


Status Reports

We developed to retrieve the metrics data from individual terminals on OS components like CPU utilization, memory, disk usage, and other peripherals via SDK and get through the central server by ISO message format.


Further, this data is stored in the MYSQL database at the central server location from which the graphs on the dashboards, sending notification alerts by analyzing information are gathered.


Business Outcome:

  • With the terminal automation solution, the dashboard provides accurate information of the terminals such as cash availability, stock of papers, card reader, working keypad, stock reconciliation, and many more.
  • Ease of management with full control over the terminal's status even if the machine is in the online-offline situation.
  • Real-time information on all the terminals displayed on the dashboard saves time and cost.

Tech Stack:

 Spring Boot, JDK 1.8, Angular JS, Hibernate, jBox, MySQL and Influx db


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