Unified And Scalable Payment Platform

Unified And Scalable Payment Platform


Key Services: School Payments Portal, Setting up offshore teams



One of the largest online school payments processors in the United States with a capacity to process several million dollars in transaction every month across a suite of products – typically many applications doing the same functions as acquired over time.



With multiple disjointed services, the client wanted to unify them under a single platform and deliver a seamless digital experience to their users. Though most of the products were hosted as a SaaS platform, they wanted to upgrade the functionality further and simplify the complex payment interface to make it more user-friendly.

Overall, the client needed to refurbish their platform to enhance user experience and provide better functionality using the latest technologies.


Our Strategy:

A modern solution to the legacy web apps was thought about. An angular based UI application would greatly help not to improve the experience but also open up the possibilities of integrating across backend platforms when required.


Our Solution:

Our first challenge was to understand the functionalities of the product. After multiple discussions with the client to get their insights, we also conducted extensive workshops to understand their services.


With an agile online tool, the tasks were detailed with milestones. While the server side programming was done by the onsite team, the client side application was developed by the offshore team. The detailing of the server side APIs and its complexity of integration to multiple application were ironed out to start with before the client side app was developed.


Business Outcome:

  • The client now has a fully-integrated & unified payment platform with an easy-to-use user experience.
  • The enhanced design resulted in quicker transactions along with a responsive digital experience.


Tech Stack:

 Angular, Kendo UI, Git, Version one


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