6 Tips to Hiring the Right Candidate

6 Tips to Hiring the Right Candidate


A typical job interview is not just a social call; it is a predictable choreography. A pristine resume, a conference meeting room, and some of the standard questions: What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you consider your biggest failure/achievement? Where do you want to see yourself in five years?


Irrespective of the business and the industry you’re in, it is your employee who makes what your company stands for. Thus you should ensure that the candidate must carry forward the legacy of your company values, culture, and best practices.


But, How do choose the right candidate? An ideal candidate is one who has the right skills, attitude, and behavioral attributes that are culturally compatible. As a hiring manager or a recruiter, you understand that a wrong hire can lead to a massive loss for the company due to high employee turnover.


Here are some tips from the leading industry recruiters and hiring managers.


1. Give Them a Problem to Solve or a Project


Assigning a problem to solve or a project to do is not just about seeing the results. It’s a smarter way to find how they find solutions and how development processes.


2. Be Attentive to the Questions They Ask?


There might be many questions from candidates about the job, the company, and the culture. Are these questions insightful? Is there a sense of enthusiasm in their responses? You can get significant information about their level of interest, how they process data, and the way they diagnose problems.


3. Review Their Learning And Analytical Skills


Evaluating a candidate based on their resume is obsolete. Instead scrutinize the candidate with the right skills, education, and confidence. It might be challenging to assess a candidate's ability to learn and analyze. You could ask the candidate to solve a real business case instead of asking them direct questions. This technique will help you gain insight into their technical knowledge and analytics skills.


4. Use Social Media To Assess The Applicants


It can be tricky to ask personal questions to new hires. You might be curious to know something personal about new hires, but they may feel awkward about it. Instead, use social media platforms to learn about them. Examining their social media activity can give you a fair idea about candidates that might not be revealed during a formal interview.


5. Look For Culture Fit


Cultural fit is an essential aspect that demands due consideration. It is the likelihood that a candidate will be able to adapt to the organization's culture once hired. Job satisfaction is higher among candidates who fit into their organization's culture. When an employee is comfortable with the organization, they come up with superior job performance, loyalty, and commitment.


6. Hire Your Interns


Hiring your own interns is the most profitable way to go forward with a hiring strategy. Since they have already interned with you, you are familiar with their strength, weakness, skills, and behavior.


Wrap Up:


Every hiring manager wants talented hires who add diversity to their team while being a right fit for the company's culture. They also want to avoid hiring mistakes, which are more costly than understaffing. This article brings you some of the unconventional tips to find the right candidate from sourcing to interviewing and then onboarding.


About Author:


Priyanka Maddala is the Head of Talent Acquisition at Chimera Technologies.


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