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Video Recruitment Software Developer


We furnish easy-to-use, flexible, and the bespoke made resolution as per your demand. We offer a skillfulness that clutches interviews with an applier and accesses them in a real or non-real time in an individual platform.


Contouring your accomplishment progress will decrease the steps in your screening procedure. Hire the best creator from Chimera where we cater you with a faster video recruitment that will certainly help you to a smooth recruitment process.


Chimera technologies assist you to develop, and become one of the leading organisations in the HR industry by furnish you the latest technologically advanced solutions on video recruitment software development.


Web Video Conferencing Solutions


Web video conferencing solutions have their own inherent issues. We at chimera understand this through a series of solutions that we have developed in the past. Be it a peer to peer video conferencing or a streaming solution our expertise to provide appropriate solutions to our customer have surpassed their expectations. If you already have a web video conferencing solution and want to manage it or want to build one afresh our expertise in it could help you to a significant extent.


Mobile Video Solutioning


Mobile video solutions are the future. Users want to communicate with their friends and enterprises in a similar way. Corporates are looking at putting video on their customers handheld to interact more closely and in realtime. Mobiles dominated by different vendors would quickly become a problem to deal with. Our understanding of the protocols, bandwidths, codecs and file formats help you build the right solutions for your needs.


Video CMS Solution


Employees are getting used to information disseminated in the youtube format. Be it user manuals, corporate communications or Video enabled IT help desk video is becoming ubiquitous inside an enterprise. Our capabilities will ensure that you select the right technologies, tools and implementation strategies. Our services around the above solutions have resulted in a variety of engagements with our customers. Some of the solutions that we have built could be read from our case studies section.


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