ATM Performance and Measurement

ATM Performance and Measurement Dashboard



Our client stands as a significant player in the Business Services industry and manages over a billion customer interactions every year for over 300 clients across verticals such as BFSI, Telecom, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality, Consumer goods, Retail, and Technology.



The client needed a real-time reporting tool that tracked ATM uptime, which was based on traditional excel sheets. The fact that data was reported 3-4 weeks post-capture was making the data stale. They turned to Chimera with a need for a centralized dashboard that was easy to use.


Our Strategy:

Chimera analytics team came up with an innovative solution which enhanced visual treat for the user and gave what the user needed. Appropriate discussions were held around a successful model to define the required efficient processes and teams before the journey began.


Our Solution:

Our team envisioned a ground-breaking solution: for the first time, the client had access to an in-page drill down up to three levels with visualizations ranging from charts to maps. The visual treat was enhanced with an intuitive user experience that gave the user exactly what he/she needed, with a range of features built-in on the reports.

Combined metrics provide a comparison in addition to the representations. Integration solutions ensured that the data was uploaded in a simple format into a central repository. The customer could eliminate the spreadsheet processing and could use the dashboard to view key metrics like ATM failures and the reasons for performances bottlenecks, enabling instant decision making that benefitted the end-user while also plugging revenue leakage.


The integrated dashboard tested thoroughly, and the errors were reduced to nil.


Business Outcome:

As a result, the customized dashboard had several positive outcomes like,

  • The dashboard enabled employers to make more informed decisions
  • The management could track current performance and take necessary actions
  • The dashboard became the indispensable tool in driving business decisions and red flags, including ATM transactions failures and operational standards
  • The processing time also freed up, which was spent on routine data collation tasks and minimized human errors.


Tech Stack:

 Charting solutions, Java libraries, HTML 5


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