Enterprise Self-Service Platform

Enterprise Self Service Platform for Banking



The fourth largest bank in India, and is the leader in banking as it is the first bank in the country to digitalize all its subsidiaries.



The client wanted to implement a Queue Management System across their branches. However, they had tried and failed no less than three times. Chimera stepped in and addressed the issue to help bank succeed where others have failed.


Our Strategy:

Chimera designed this QMS by keeping the customers in mind and a large number of services offered. The QMS was meticulously designed with easy working and fast data entry.


Our Solution:

We directly interfaced with multiple teams across the bank. The solutions team spoke with the marketing team, customer services team, the branch managers, and staff from the Head Office. The message was consistent: the bank would have a unique and uniform customer and teller experience solution across its branches in addition to real-time performance monitoring of 1010 offices. It identified and addressed potential pitfalls in the implementation and gained buy-in from all concerned teams.


Business Outcome:

  • The QMS solution became a highly anticipated solution by the branches, as they now felt like they were a part of it. With a whopping 72% drop in waiting times, the bank enhanced its customer experience.
  • Reduced stress on staff as the customer expectation were now met digitally
  • The system more enabled the staff to serve customers better and more efficiently in less time

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