Provisioning System

Provisioning System


There were several systems based on mainframes and AS400. Collectively they were responsible for ensuring that a salesperson would know the availability of a particular telecom service for a given location. The systems were traditional and lacked a graphic interface. Data was stored in several systems, and there was no single window system to access and respond to the customer quickly. Web-based enterprise frameworks that integrated these systems and provided a simple to use interfaces for the sales marketing teams were needed.


Our Strategy:

Having appropriate discussions with our clients, we came up with a flexible and scalable architectural design that allows the client to access a web-based enterprise framework. Based on the model, we differentiate into several phases with a realistic timeline. We started with the development stage and monitored each step with timely delivery.


Our Solution:

Together with the onsite coordinator, the development team at Chimera created an application framework that included a sophisticated security model, transaction locking, and session sharing along with data migration and integration techniques. An exhaustive plan was prepared, and Chimera started to build the application incrementally With approximately 100 working months of effort, Chimera finished the project successfully through various inner releases. This also enabled the organization to migrate to newer platforms.


Business Outcome:

  • Flexible approach to the framework with a sophisticated security model
  • By using enterprise framework, it assures high quality
  • Now the client takes full advantage of the application framework that helps to respond to customers quickly and thereby increase customer service

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