Remote Patient Consultation Kiosk

Remote Patient Consultation Kiosk


Our client is a technology-based medical processing company.



The need from our client was to enable patients to have remote medical consultations and get an online prescription to purchase medicines. We had to create two kiosks solutions, one that could be used by the patient and the other that could be used by the doctor. Video conferencing was required for the patient to consult with the online medical practitioner and the integration of various medical devices with a special purpose booth that had to provide information like weight, blood pressure, and more to the practitioner.


Our Strategy:

Our team collaborated with the client and captured the detailed requirement and designed the two different kiosks. Then continued to engage with the client regularly and incorporating the feedback.


Our Solution:

Unique purpose booths with all the necessary hardware interfaces were developed. A rich user interface was created, and the interface used as a middle tier.


.Net application to interact with the peripheral devices, after integrating the medical devices to the kiosk software, a video conferencing feature was incorporated into the application providing a face-to-face presence for the patient and doctor. The kiosk software was further extended to give the doctor the flexibility to control the devices remotely.


The application is integrated with a payment gateway to enable the patients to pay the consultation services.


Business Outcome:

  • Electronic kiosks are a one-time investment that reduces the cost of the hospital budget
  • Minimum waiting time for the patients
  • Reduces the data entry errors that usually happens from the administrative staff
  • A streamlined and uncomplicated check-in process
  • Real-time patient authentication at check-in to drive down claim injections, collection expenses, and bad-debts write-offs
  • Improve patient information sharing among different healthcare organizations


Tech Stack:

 Flash Design, Flash Action Scripting, .Net remoting, Flash media server, Serial communication, Imaging/photo is captured using third party software, XML, C#, InstallShield.


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