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Hospitality Kiosk Application for Advertisement Display



Chamber of commerce



The requirement was to build a hospitality Kiosk which should have an interactive splash screen displaying advertisements and imagery. The kiosk software should be able to showcase an information directory allowing the tourists to browse through the business establishments and also through various members plus, letting the tourists talk to any member for more details, if required.


Our Strategy:

With all the given requirements, Chimera team had a full understanding of the clients specific needs, and our group discussed based on the model and objective. By preparing modules and timelines, we started to develop after getting the clients approval. Dividing the project into several development phases and monitored each stage closely to ensure timely delivery.


Our Solution:

A web-based application was developed that was referenced inside a kiosk lockdown component. Several software components were designed together that helped in achieving the given requirement. A vibrant interactive user interface was developed to display information regarding places to see, restaurants, things to do, and more. An advertisement display component was designed on a predefined logic that would control the display of the advertisements on the interactive kiosks. This kiosk software also allows the user to call the member directly from the kiosk. Navigation within the system is provided by the use of a touch screen or mouse.


The list of all businesses was created and organized in an intuitive directory of categories, and under each listing, there would be a detailed member page which provides the information of adding, deleting or modifying the data to the administrator. A unique administrator interface allows the configuration of the entire system.


Business Outcome:

  • Maximise the customer experience
  • Simple with intriguing UI experience with easy-to-read text
  • It is becoming an ideal solution for tourists and requires no staff intervention
  • Insightful and dependable assistance throughout the sessions


Tech Stack:

 Microsoft .Net Web application, Flash Design, Flash action scripting, Skype API, Kiosk lockdown browser component, Install Shield.


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