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Our client is based out on Tampa, Florida.



The requirement was to develop a print industry solution which would allow customers to send media raw data to get printed on Magazines/Newspapers or into a CD/DVD. The sizes of the files were large and were in various formats and had to be moved or uploaded automatically to the respective folders of each department based on the form. In the end, a job ticket was to be created informing the department heads of the uploaded data.


Our Strategy:

Chimera understood the challenges and set up a very dynamic team considering the technological challenges and time duration. A well-designed plan took off and addressing to the clients at every stage of progress in the project.


Our Solution:

Chimera developed a solution based on Telerik, LLB Genpro, and RAD upload was selected and optimized for the server memory.


The answer was to use Asp.Net, Telerik to upload raw print media data and also accept the Meta information about the data which gets uploaded along with the ability to transfer multiple files. A custom user control was inheriting from Telerik, which rendered the numerous file upload facility along with the dynamic properties (Meta Information) as a part of the solution.


The solution also contains an admin application for the dynamic data inputs by the site administrators or Sales Representatives and Departments heads.


Business Outcome:

By creating a solution for uploading the files in a different format and automatically gets uploaded into their respective folder saves time and reduced human errors


Tech Stack:

 LLBL Genpro, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, Ajax, AxisLT, XML, SQL Server 2005


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