Coach Management

Coach Management



Our customer is a Sports technology company in the US wanted to develop an information management system that would efficiently manage large amounts of data relating to coaches, players, former players and recruits of different universities in different sports.



The objective was to create an interface for sharing information amongst players, coaches, and support staff as well as provide the coaches with critical information regarding the players. The need was also to automate the entire process of updating relevant data from the registered university sites. The key challenges were to meet this requirement were to create an intuitive interface, integration using a custom web service layer, and managing a large volume of data.


Our Strategy:

We had a full understanding of the clients specific requirements; the technical team acquired further details of his business models and objective. Based on the needs, we developed a scope of the document and a proper timeline. We developed customer web service and ensured timely delivery.


Our Solution:

Chimera leveraged its expertise in SharePoint application development to build up the information management system using SharePoint to enable the application that stores, retrieves, manages, search, and provides data. Segregation of the information from universities, sports facilities, and their access permissions was set using different SharePoint site collections and list collections. The application was built around a SharePoint Object Model to add, update, and delete the data from the SharePoint list.


A rich and easy to use interface was built using Telerik controls. These controls were also used to develop rich calendar interfaces on the web. The application enabled the coaches to create their custom views which were managed internally as SharePoint list views. The organization registration process to the SharePoint is done dynamically, and the corresponding site collection URL is assigned to users. The nature of using lists as the data storage mechanism allowed the coaches to create their custom attributes in the system. With Chimeras engagement, the client was able to achieve a highly robust and scalable system.


Business Outcome:

  • No manual aggregation of data in multiple Excel files daily
  • Data which was on earlier Excel sheets is now collated all under one roof
  • With the application, the coaches can create their custom views and attributes which can be managed internally


Tech Stack:

 WSS 3.0, SQL Server 2005, ASP.Net, Telerik Controls, Sharepoint Object Model


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