Collateral Management Solution

Collateral Management Solution



The need was to have a single application that could have been skinned for different users, providing them with a platform to order for print collaterals like business cards and customize the prints according to their requirement. Our customer wanted a Collateral Management System that could be used by their corporate clients to customize and order prints online. Currently, the customer employs multiple systems to accomplish the above requirements.


Our Strategy:

Chimera had an understanding with the clients requirements, and our efficient team acquired necessary details for the preparations of modules and timeline. With the clients needs, we quickly created platforms that help our customers without any hassles.


Our Solution:

Currently, our customer employs multiple systems to accomplish the above requirements. iWay system was used for customizable documents on demand; Promails limited Storefront was used for inventory control, packing list output, pick lists, and shipping integration. Further, there was a need to integrate the web application into the new XMPie based authoring and fulfilment system.


ASP.Net Storefront was identified as the core online order processing system, and TTS flexibility to be skinned was utilized to create multiple sites with various skins quickly. was integrated with XMPie to fetch designs with variable data that the user would key in web forms. Users inputs are passed to XMPie to generate a run-time PDF that could be previewed. The confirmed orders undergo a simple workflow before they are put into the XMPie for production. The development was further quickened using middleware tools like LLBGenPro and RAD user interface tools like Component Art.


This solution was developed offshore using TFS along with teams elsewhere. It is a classic example of collaborative development.


Business Outcome:

  • Our client now has a holistic, user-friendly experience and cost-saving CMS that supports print collaterals
  • With the use of one single platform, they managed to improve their prints according to the customer needs
  • With customized CMS, several added features include inventory control, a preview of the documents the time and money have reduced across the board

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