Online Order Management System

Online Order Management System



Our customer is the premier photography experts in India since 1910. To further increase its presence in the country, the client had to diversify their range of services.



To boost their online presence, the client provided their customers with the facility of uploading their pictures online, and the prints would be taken at a designated outlet and delivered to the customer. Since the photo printer and the website were at different locations tracking and printing the orders posed as the biggest challenge. Moreover, there was a need for a centralized system for the customer support representatives who could provide support to their customers to track individual orders.


Our Strategy

Defining the requirements from our client, we proposed a customized solution and the development efforts involved, and the delivery timeline. Chimera’s team came up with the solution wherein a windows installable client (A Windows-based thin client). We updated our client with timely progress and sent him a periodic progress report and delivered the project on time.


Our Solution

By using windows, an installable client who would have a Microsoft outlook like interface would be installed to display and track the orders of the customer. The thin client was to be installed in several locations with a centralized database (MySQL) on the Internet. There was a need to build a solution that would enable all the customer support representatives to view and track orders of their customers and streamline the entire order processing system.


Chimera had to write several integrations routines to centralize a fairly complex order processing system which had to retrieve data from multiple databases stored at various locations, which was one of the biggest challenges of this application. Besides, we had to process large image/photo files that are used for printing; hence, a third party .Net based FTP component was bought to reduce the effort and improve the schedules.


Business Outcome:

  • This project resulted in a successfully efficient virtual business with the customers
  • Through the centralized database, there has been an improvement in accuracy and time for fulfilment of the order
  • The demand has increased as it has a real-time global view of all inventory and with easily modifiable order information from every location

    Tech Stack

    "C#.Net, MySql, FTP component from DART ("


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