Network Migration Tool

Network Migration Tool



Our client is a network multinational telecommunications corporation which has over 200+ million customers worldwide. The group revenue turnover is above 40 billion Euros.



Our client faced an interesting problem, as the technology that drove business changed; connections were to be migrated- to new technologies, to more modern suppliers. A global team was put in place to make the migration happen. Complexities were arising from a workforce across diverse locations using multiple tools, deriving a business case, and implementing the movements. As their developing partner, Chimera was asked to be a part of the process definition and provide a solution.


Our Strategy

The need was to develop a quick new version of an enterprise tool to evaluate various locations complexities from workforces.


Our Solution

An enterprise tool that otherwise would have been developed by Tier1 vendor for a multimillion-dollar exercise was reduced to a quick four months BPM engagement. While the process was being set, the application evolved at a speed that kept pace with the business process.


Business Outcome:

The hassle-free migration increased process efficiency enough to have a direct positive impact on the bottom-line. To nobody’s surprise, they called Chimera again to see what help we could offer during their next process review.


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