Port Management System

Port Management System



Our customer is a leading provider of innovative solutions to meet communication needs in cities, public transportation, sports and leisure facilities, and on mountain slopes. They are commercially active in more than 20 countries across five continents.



The requirement was to design, develop, and implement a Port Management System in Port of Calais. Accuracy and credibility with digitizing hundreds of paperwork became a challenge.


Our Strategy

With a couple of knowledge exchange sessions from our client, we came up with a design that should be appealing visually and should be an intuitive interaction which offers many facilities under one roof.


Our Solution

Chimera developed and executed a Port Management System in Port of Calais. The key solution was to create a user interface using Flex, which delivers a Rich User Experience through intuitive interaction with the application, presenting information in a visually rich interface. The allocations of ferries were facilitated through the Gantt chart. The port officers were provided with drag-drop facility, making ferry platform management intuitive and straightforward. Plus, the interface was mobile friendly.


Business Outcome:

  • "The manual process of allocating platforms for the ferries was automated."
  • "The system digitized the port tasks eliminating paperwork and chances of human error"
  • "Saving time in core workflows"
  • "Accuracy and prevention of manual interferences and an increase in transparency for the port community"

    Tech Stack:

      Flex 3, Java, Axis 2 web services and MySQL


    Third-party tools:

     Component Art


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