Comprehensive KPI System

Comprehensive KPI System


Our client is one of the worlds largest Decision Sciences and Analytics firm who help companies institutionalize data-driven decision making and harness Big Data.



The customer needed a robust, efficient and automated workflow based solution which would eliminate manual processing in travel reimbursements extended to their employees as their office was spread across the globe and frequent travel by employees posed difficulties in managing the entire travel process.


Our Strategy:

Chimera came up with a solution to give a centralized platform for managing all the travel reimbursements that could be accessed anywhere and anytime.


Our Solution:

The Chimera team developed a web-enabled solution which automated all the client’s manual processes of initiating training, selection of nominees, selection of trainers, topics, and collecting feedback from the participant, among others. In addition to the above, the system had a built-in assessment solution to grade participants. A secure component was developed to handle assessments that would minimize server load, increasing the number of possible concurrent users. A highly informative dashboard was built around these processes to enable the key stakeholders to make quick decisions.


Business Outcome:

The client benefited by a reduction in lowering workforce costs, eliminating manual processes, and avoiding human errors. Not only did the solution enable the management to streamline the training process, but it also allowed the engineers to take assessments at their convenience.


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