Digital Transformation of a leading HRTech company

Digital Transformation of a leading HRTech company


Key Services: Offshore development Services



One of the leading HR tech startup in Singapore. Had an established base of the customer, providing outsourced payroll processing services.



The application was built over many years with an established team in Singapore and Malaysia. The need was to augment their team quickly to scale to the needs of a changing business environment. The rate at which their customer base was growing needed a complete makeover of their existing application, including its architecture and user experience.


Our Strategy:

To show immediate success in offshore is a challenge when we are dealing with first-time outsourcers. The preparation had to be on both sides. A well thought of plan is required to slowly take off the offshore team while providing value from early on. Appropriate discussions around a successful offshore model were held to identify the productive tools, process and the team necessary before embarking on the journey. The success criteria were drawn out to measure the performance during the journey.


Our Solution:

A planned approach to offloading work to the offshore team was made. People were aligned from both sides. New processes were set using tools that enable collaboration and project management. The maturity of modules that can be offshored was identified, and a slow ramp-up plan was put in place to ensure that an informed and planned path of offshoring was followed. Appropriate skill sets were identified and trained in before they were to start the work.  


Business Outcome:

  • The customer could scale implementations that were the objective of offshoring.
  • As a strong technology partner the changes brought to the architecture, design and delivery processes enhanced the productivity of the teams and reduced the time taken for new features to go to market.


Tech Stack:

PHP, MySQl, Javascript


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