Store Front Kiosk

Store Front Kiosk



Our client is a famous sports goods chain store with multiple locations in the United States.



Our clients need was to motivate customers to purchase sports good over a sensitive kiosk interface solution with multi-location, and a backend order processing system. The system maintainer should also be able to manage, maintain, and load different content such as ads, offers, promotions, prices on various kiosks or groups of kiosks remotely.


Our Strategy:

The approach was to develop a kiosk of rich UI for the user with easy navigation. Timely and appropriate discussions were made with the client to bring them up to speed with the progress.


Our Solution:

A web application was designed and deployed in the kiosk with an attractive UI which provides the user with simple navigation to select and place an order for products available in the store. Distributed application architecture was drawn up, and a windows lockdown component was developed to ensure kiosk security.


A web-based custom storefront conforming to W3C standards with animated videos and the lockdown browser was configured to display in the storefront. Another web application was developed that would provide for customer support in case of any modification to the product, including the order tracking. The administrator application provided the necessary configuration and reporting tools to monitor and manage the kiosks deployed over the internet. This application has evolved significantly over time into a fully-fledged order processing system with both interfaces- Web and Kiosk.


Business Outcome:

The result of the initial success of its deployment, the installed base of it had grown exponentially and is now a part of many leading sports stores.


Tech Stack:

 W3C standards user interface, Flash designs, Flash Action Scripting, "N" layered Microsoft .Net Web application, kiosk lockdown component, Windows services, XML Web services using Microsoft .Net, SQL Server 2005, SQL Reporting Services.


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