Shuttle Booking System

Shuttle Booking System



Super Shuttle, a front runner in airport transportation for over 30 years of experience and has befitted more than 150 million passengers. With multiple locations served all over the world.



The company had an existing web-based application that allowed users to book shuttles. The requirement was to create similar kiosk software to enable the customers to print the boarding passes at the airport on their arrival or departure to the destination airport.


Our Strategy:

Developing a new version of an established web-based application and understanding, how the software program operates became crucial. After comprehending, a well-throughout plan was considered and took off while providing the output regularly to the client.


Our Solution:

Chimera assembled a team who are experienced in integrating third-party web services. Functional specifications for the kiosk were developed and following which a web serviced interface was drawn out.


.Net based middleware application interfaced with the existing web service to get their shuttle requirement based on the flight details. On successful completion, the kiosk was enhanced to be remotely monitored via a unique web interface. Currently, these kiosks are installed in several airports within the United States.


Business Outcome:

  • Connectivity: Self-service kiosks are networked which can be remotely accessed and controlled from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Enriched customer experience and faster response time
  • A modular architecture, enabling quick and easy, low-cost maintenance
  • Secure data sharing between the facilities
  • A streamlined and straightforward arrival or departure ticket-collecting process


Tech Stack:

 Microsoft .Net, Flash design, Flash Action Scripting, Web services using SOAP/XML, Windows services, "N" layered web application, InstallShield.


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