Modern User Experience on mobile drives customer success

Modern User Experience on mobile drives customer success


Key Services: Outsourced product development, Mobile applications, UI/UX designs, Fintech



One of the leading school payments solutions in North America. With about two decades of a presence in the industry, the client has a large customer base and processing several million dollars a month in transactions.



Our offshore team had been working with the product for over a decade. The product that is built on an existing DNN platform had its limitations. The client wanted a new mobile avatar of it. It had to be a lightweight one, and that complies to PCI DSS while integrating with a card reader on the mobile device. The card reader and its interface to the payment gateway were not available as a component that can be used on a platform like Cordova that allows us to manage a single code base.


Our Strategy:

Plugins for Cordova was the way to solve the problem. We embarked on a journey to first create Cordova plugin that will work on ios and android platforms post which it was planned for integration to the actual application.


Our Solution:

A clear user experience screens showcased the application quite early in terms of screen designs. Adobe XD based screen flows and designs helped the client understand the navigation in near real time reducing the burden of rework and providing an early prototype to demonstrate to prospective customers. The solution was built on Cordova with integration to heart land payment gateway using the plugins created by Chimera.   

Business Outcome:

  • A new untapped market opened for the customer resulting in increase in revenue
  • The mobile version of payment collections increased the user adoption and hence the usage and user base.


Tech Stack:

Cordova, Java, Objective C, Javascript, Angular.


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