Telecom Connectivity Dashboards

Telecom Connectivity Dashboards



Our client is the world’s leading telecommunications operations with 172,000 employees worldwide, comprehensive Sales Revenue of 45.3 billion Euros in 2011 and resent in 35 countries; the group has 226 million customers base.



The operation department provides insights about overall connectivity management across the globe by consolidating data and also provides the Revenue and Profitability analysis. The team was manually combining the data from multiple excel sheets and data sources to analyze the data. The need was to develop a web-enabled solution that provides the real-time reports and dashboards of the Revenue Analysis and Profitability Analysis. Plus, error-prone data were resulting in delayed business decisions.


Our Strategy

Chimera set up an end-to-end automation solution for eliminating manual process and automatically retrieves data from data sources and Excel sheets.


Our Solution

Chimera Analytics team ultimately provided web-enabled Reporting and Dashboard solution, which enabled the customer to monitor the Revenue and profitability very carefully and could access the information online at anywhere and anytime. Chimera helped the customer to get a single window of truth about the profitability and revenue flow at different dimensions and also helped customers to eliminate the risk of data inaccuracy and manual intervention.


Business Outcome:

  • "One single version of facts and figures"
  • "Accurate and appropriate information resulted in data-based decision making"
  • "Enhanced the identification and elimination of resources and cost-effectiveness"
  • "Convenient access to precise data "
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