Feasibility Analytics and Dashboards

Feasibility Analytics and Dashboards



Our customer is the world's leading telecommunications operators with 172,000 employees worldwide, with Sales Revenue of 45.3 billion Euros in 2011 and resent in 35 countries; the group has a customer base of over 226 million customers.



The operation department processes the new connectivity requests and orders from customers across the globe, and they provide the feasibility and profitability of each order request to the implementation team. The customer was using excel sheets to identify the total number of ports, available port/nodes, whole numbers of users, customer information, the shortest distance between a customer and a nearest port/node, the distance between two circuits in the network, and many more.


As the data volume was increasingly high, it was challenging to manage the data and operations using excel sheets. The client was looking at an innovative web-enabled solution and eliminate the manual excel processing.


Our Strategy

After due diligence of the application and the business requirements with the client, based on that, we came up with the modules and timeline. We involved with the client through initial development and delivery and monitored closely to ensure timely deliverance.


Our Solution

Chimera team provided a web-enabled solution which is embedded into Google Maps to provide easy access to the information of customers, ports, the distance between the ports and customers, amongst others. The team has developed a tool, using SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), which provides the distance between two ports/nodes/circuits, by calculating the Latitude and Longitude of the two end circuits. The customer could eliminate the complex excel processing and use the web-enabled solutions to access the global customer's information and evaluate the feasibility of a new connectivity request on the web.


Business Outcome:

  • "It improves the performance and speed of the report generation and reduces human errors "
  • "Performance is enhanced because complex, time-consuming logic that has to have previously been performed in generating a report through excel sheets"
  • "Ability to store analysis data in one place but use it to analyze data may be sourced from different systems"


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