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USDA Meal Applications

The solution we provided is a mobile application which seamlessly works with the SharePoint on the cloud. The application, without human intervention, synced up with SharePoint and provided daily trips to be started. An Uber-like application, it starts to manage the entire trip and post-trip activities of a salesman in this context. So planning trips, executing trips and getting the reimbursements sorted out became seamless.


This project has been an example of applying digital innovation to increase efficiency, minimal risks, improve collaboration and provide real-time transparency to management.



The captive office of one of the leading auto components tools manufacturer in Germany. The subsidiary had exposure to all leading automobile manufacturer with a countrywide spread of sales and service personnel.



The challenge was to monitor the sales/service force and seamlessly integrate them into a system that relieves them of the entire reimbursement process in the system.


Our Strategy:

The organization was evaluating using Sharepoint as its enterprise-wide tool. We proposed to build to leverage its benefits for their workflow capabilities and quick to market approach. The field force is on the road most of the time, also required to have a mobile application that effortlessly integrates into SharePoint.


Our Solution:

An iOS-based mobile app that seamlessly syncs the services schedules from SharePoint was created. The schedules enabled the users to view only “Todays” schedules and click on it to start the trips. The trips automatically synced up with SharePoint with an Uber-like application enabling the salesperson to focus on the tour and calculate the rest of it by itself – including applying organization policies on reimbursement, handling complicated trips across days/cities, and other relevant workflows to approve them.


Business Outcome:

  • Leveraged existing SharePoint platform. The success of which standardized it for further app development.
  • Quick go to market product
  • Seamless product ensuring a minimally invasive operation for the sales force and still easing their experience to avail reimbursements.
  • Organizational auditing.

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