Website Application for Data Analytics and Dashboards

Website Application for Data Analytics and Dashboards



Our client is a FinTech investment company from Singapore, who provides the best alternative lending opportunities in SEA and India. They connect institutional capital to alternative lending investments through best practices of value investing, traditional credit analysis and data-driven analytics.



The client confronted hurdles in sending credit, analysis, performance and more information across investors. They turned to Chimera to build a scalable architecture that meets the business requirements- to automate the various information across countries into one dashboard as the go-between the investors and capital needed companies, reducing time and effort over the long term and eliminating steep operational risks.


Our Strategy:

We first analyzed the client's requirement and find out the Key Performance Indicators, what metric they really want to show on the dashboard for the investors. We then created some sample mock-ups for and showed to clients to find out their visual preferences. When we finalize the Dashboard layout and design, we initiated the development work by using our outsourced product development methodology that ensured the successful development of a website application framework.


Our Solution:

Our clients chose us of our deep experience in developing custom dashboards; the main user interface was written in Angular 7.0. The project priorities were first, the setting-up of a Dashboard that our client’s targeted end-users would feel intuitively familiar with. Second, we aimed at providing information that was to be delivered with real-time efficiency and accuracy.


As we built the dashboard, several features were included, detailed analysis of different countries which included their performance and pipelines. The investor’s investment page included portfolio summary, account statement, facility monitoring and so on.


Business Outcome:

  • It is a user-friendly website application that is extremely important because of the size and weight of the financial investors it serves.
  • The application is now providing better access to their data and insights.

Tech Stack:

 Angular 7.0


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