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Great place to work, great people to work with!

We are ambitious, open and expect everyone to contribute with ideas. Our teams are tightly collaborative and put full support behind execution to make things happen. Throughout our history, we have taken on the most significant challenges from ISV’s and enterprises where we come out with overwhelming victories!

No matter what kind of role it is, here, you will learn an ample amount of knowledge that will take your career to new heights.

At Chimera, we are diverse at default; we come from corners of the world to create something great! So Join us and take on the new and fascinating challenges in the coming times.

Employee Benefits

A comprehensive organization-wide reward recognition program. Quarterly Extra Mile Awards by independent panelists based on nominations.

Yearly Champion of Chimera Award and prize money of One Lakh with an addition to be permanently featured in our Champion Wall.

Can participate in several organization-wide programs, including a compulsory innovation-based Continuous Improvement Program providing you platforms to showcase your talent.

Insurance benefits for the self and the spouse, including maternity benefits.

Ability to work on many products as the organization is focused on working with several ISVs.

Fortnightly sessions to understand the directions of each function and an opportunity to interact with the entire hierarchy of the organization.

Celebrations are a common-place - physical or virtual. Participate in several games with your co-workers.

Voice your opinions on topics other than your work: Chimera Talks.

Technology upskilling platform: Pragati Program.

Latest and most insightfull articles from our employees: Chimera Diaries.

Usual annual year-end customer bonuses.

Hybrid work options - Work from home and office.

You can apply to a job by visiting our current job openings, or send your resume to

Our Culture

Here, we embrace a simple philosophy of creating a cheerful environment for our employees. We think that life is beyond work and helps individuals strike an excellent equilibrium between job and life. As a result, we have established a motivational workspace, driven by our passionate employees, fostered by a culture of innovation and automation while placing our clients first.

We have created a friendly and estimable workspace by recognizing our employees and honoring their commitments. Our company continuously ingrain a culture with appreciation and nominate the deserving candidate for awards such as Champion of Chimera (Yearly) and Extra Mile recognition award (Quarterly).

Our Culture

Employee Testimonials


“I love how much I have grown in a short amount of time I have worked in Chimera.”
The company I work for and the people whom I work with are the cherries on top of an already great experience. There is transparency among the employees where you can easily converse with the CTO or CEO. Everyone here is tech savvy. I can’t wait to progress in this company.

- Ambalavanan D

(5+ months)

“A company with the best combination of both creativity and work “
The quality I appreciate the most about this company is that it has given me the opportunity to balance work and life. Our company brings the best in implementing the latest technology to our projects. I get to engage in a broad spectrum of areas while working with people who are friendly, intelligent, and trustworthy. Here every employee has a share with the company’s success. Various internal competitions motivate employees, and our company rewards talent and achievements. I am proud to be a part of Chimera Technologies.

- Pradeep. R

(3+ years)

“The best thing about this place is that it recognizes hard working people and rewards them.”
Being a fresher, the projects I get to work have a direct and measurable impact. My team has trust in me and helped me deliver my projects in different areas of production. Here I am surrounded by astonishing individuals who are focused and driven, yet are still fun to be around.

- Anusha R

(2+ years)

“I think the span of 22 years with Chimera is a covenant of how committed I am and want to continue working here.”
I have been part of the Chimera family since 2002, and I have been exposed to a wide breadth of work from Admin to Operations. The diversity of areas I have worked in has been inspiring and kept me on my toes. The culture at Chimera recognizes employees contribution, which does not only refers to rewards and monetary terms but individual and accurate recognition of one’s contribution.

- J Anthony Vincent

(22+ years)

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