Catalogue Management System

catalog management system


Our client is a specialist in individual machining solutions operating in 21 countries. They are leading manufacturer of tools that are extensively used in the automobile industry to manufacture critical components like engines.



The customer lacked an easy-to-use system that would help their sales force document and Catalogue their components delivered to end-customers and also monitor their performance of these provided tools.


Our Strategy:

Our approach was to understand the clients specific requirements; the technical team acquired further details of their business model. We came up with a solution with an intuitive user interface, and we divided the project into different development phases. Once the development started, we reported clients with weekly updates and development progress for the entire project and made sure that we delivered the project on time.


Our Solution:

Chimera developed an agile user interface using Flex which assures a rich user experience. The application is designed at any point in time; attributes could be added to any system. Simple and easy to use UI was provided where the sales team could create new applications, tools, components, customer requirements, and machines and also keep track of the tool performance against the applications. Other vital features built-in were advanced search by attribute side-by-side comparison of tools and data export. By implementing the above system, the client was able to improve the quality of machining solutions by analysing the performance metrics.


Business Outcome:

  • Reduced time to spend looking for items
  • Reduced manual errors and order processing cycle times
  • Easy and accurate access to analyse the performance metrics
  • The application also served as a knowledge bank for the client as they could easily find out if a similar requirement were served earlier.


Tech Stack:

 Flex 3, WCF services and SQL Server 2005 [EAV Data Model]


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