Joins with us @
Sigapore FinTech Festival

15th to 17th November 2023 at the Singapore EXPO, Singapore.

The Singapore Fintech Festival is one of the world’s largest platforms for the global Fintech community. As a leading provider of FinTech Services, Chimera is delighted to participate in Singapore FinTech Festival.

About Chimera

As a FinTech Services powerhouse, constantly evolving and sculpting the IT forefront with dynamic innovation & cutting-edge solutions. Our remarkable portfolio of over 600 tailored applications, stretches our spectrum from delivering agile MVPs, and PoCs, to holistic product rollouts to the global market, serving a multitude of sectors.

Chimera today stands tall as a dynamic SME, radiating agility. Our unwavering pursuit of excellence and our product-first ehos has cultivated numerous enduring partnerships with customers spread across the USA, Europe, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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Consultative & Product-centric Approach

60-70% Business from Enduring Partnerships

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