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Creating an application that meets specific business requirements is vital for survival in the modern competitive age. Custom Software Development is the process of analysing, designing, the code, and deploying software applications for ISV's or an enterprise within a business. We prefer to create unique designs and development of software that is dominant to a productive business.

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As each business is totally different, and it has some demand on the customised software to be developed. Chimera’s unique software development to deliver customised software solutions which match the client requirement to fulfill the idea which they come up with. Although, custom software development relates to many work and it includes some effort from the developers side to get done on-time based on the project planning. We continually stay frontier in line of work to different kinds of custom software development to deal with and the involvement wants in the advanced standard.

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We are delivering the custom software development services to worldwide and especially to US to different kind of industries from FinTech, HRTech, HealthTech, PropTech, Governance, Hospitality and Monitoring Solutions. Apart from custom software development, we will integrate new technologies to clients existing products to improve their functionality to improve the productivity. We has large expertise and experienced techies to fulfill any demand from the client and the process starts from analyse, design, development, test and maintenance.

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Software Maintenance and Support: Ensuring Your Software Is Always Running Smoothly

Software Maintenance and Support

After custom software development, we provide a wide range of software application maintenance and support services to encounter client's necessity. Chimera offers instant support if any is required to resolve all kinds of technical problems with priority proactive software maintenance, development operations and ongoing bug fixes.

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Extended Software Delivery Centre

With the extended software development model, our developers became a built-in team over the project. The allocated team of people dedicated to work on the unique to your project. Onshore, Offshore and Hybrid extended models are popular and ensure scalability, cost and time, flexibility and efficiencies.

Custom software development services that meet your unique needs

Custom Software Development

We are expert in delivering advanced levels of custom software development to our clients. Chimera assists business enterprises to resolve complex situations with positive and agile digital resolution. Our powerful technological team is concentrated on processing customer destined development solutions like Web, Mobile and Kiosk Applications, UI/UX, Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics.

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Software Integration

As a custom software development company, competition also grows in the industry. Accepting brand-new technologies and procedures means forthcoming new situations, frequently involving complex software integration challenges. Chimera has top-grade software integration techies to deal with your custom integration to make sure, from architecture plan to development and to carrying into action.

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Custom Software Solution

Chimera Technologies will identify the needful custom software solutions to your business and entire software development services from your idea or business plan. We have an in house development team of experts who will analyse the idea to design, code to complete development. With our well planned solutions to the custom software development to speed up the progress to complete it on time.

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Software Consulting

Chimera has 22 years of experience in the software industry to provide software consulting services. With extensive investigation of your active business method and blueprint the new software model fits the real time market. We represent a plan of new elements that consider adaptability and cost effectiveness for your business destination and IT activity.

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We are livng in a digital era of the quick part of technology and engineering has a power on the business and how to controlthe way. For a productive business, online platforms and mobile apps became necessary since they provide a track for clients to engage with you and to manage the items. To create a perfect moving software product is an important part of each business operation and the software system transforms it into an organised development structure. However the source of the movement will recon on whether or not you will realise the correct team to develop it.

Unleashing the Power of Custom Software Development: Transforming Industries and Driving Innovation


As such, we tend to fastness our services technologically progressive, competitive, timely delivery and result focused. We keep an eye on work to hurry up software product delivery on the basis of quick development processes to better business relations, and compound their business evolution by using custom software development solutions from start-up, to enterprises.

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Empower your business with custom software solutions designed to meet your goals.
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